image011CYRIC is a Center of Excellence in the fields of Applied Research and offers Research and Innovation Services for its customers in order to help them improve their competitive position in the market. CYRIC was founded after taking over the activities of Applied Research and Consultancy Department of CNE Technology Ltd (an associated company with 12 years of experience in R&D). CYRIC's experience expands to product design, prototype/machine development, production processes, 3D rapid prototyping, FEM/CFD Analysis, embedded system controllers, image analysis, PLCs, software development, sensor technologies, WSN, instrument calibration as well as material / product conformity testing and filling. CYRIC is housed in 1000sqm with cutting edge equipment including a state of the art electronics & systems integration lab, a fully equipped machine shop for prototype/machine development, a large range of testing and calibration equipment, 3D rapid prototyping machine and scanner, software packages: 3D Design, FEM, CFD analysis etc. CYRIC personnel expertise carries all the CYRIC's experiences which includes participation as the main RTD performer in 4 European (2 as coordinator including an FP7-SME) and 30 National R&D projects (6 as coordinator).

CYRIC will be involved in the design and development of machinery in WP3 and WP4. It will also be a work package leader in WP3

CYRIC which is a center with a large field of expertise was approached by the SMEs due to its experience in the design and development of industrial equipment.

  • The next step

    The next step in our novel approach is the application of ZrO2/Zr coating on the implant using Laser Engineered Net Shape techniques to give better wear resistance and lower the possibility of interfacial separation under repeated loading condition.

  • Taking a new route

    NewBioGen is taking a new route to establish methods that yield high precision and quality biomaterials and will validate their increased biocompatibility, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, enhanced mechanical and tribological properties.

  • NewBioGen Project

    NewBioGen Project (Grant Agreement 606112) is supported by the European Commission through the Programme Research for SMEs.

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NewBioGen Project (Grant Agreement 606112) is supported by the European Commission through the Programme Research for SMEs.